Artizzan Cheeze

We bring you the UAE’s most delicious, gourmet plant based cheeze that you can think of! All our Artizzan cheeze is made from fermented tree nuts.
Whether you are looking for cheeze for your party platters or for your sandwiches or your pizzas, we have something for all of your occasions and needs!
If you are a Vegan, Vegetarian or Lactose intolerant or simply ready for clean healthy living, you will be delighted with our variety of meltable, grateable, spreadable, nut and coconut based cheeze.
We also offer accompanying plant based crackers, breads, preserves and chutneys. To find out more about Creation of the Week, give us a call: +971559500094.
Got any special occasions planned? We can design and create exotic cheeze platters for your event to add that extra pizzazz to your evening!!



We create different cheeze boards every single time and will give you our best sellers and Creation of our Week!!

As we are constantly creating in our kitchens, make sure you call us to find out about our latest creations: +971559500094

Preserves that you can add to your cheeze boards. Choose from: Apricot Chutney, Spicy Fig jam, Mango salsa, Spicy tomato salsa and others.



Here are just some of our best sellers listed below. However since we come up with new ideas all the time, and since we cant stop creating, drop us a whatsapp message or call us to discuss what our newest Creation of the Week is!
All our servings are 200 grams


Nut free cheeze

These are made from coconut and we pride ourselves in that these taste so good we are told many people cant tell the difference.

We are continuously innovating and we create new options and varieties all the time. To find out more give us a call: 055 9500094

Our Mission

To ensure we keep providing the delicious, nutritious and innovative cheeze to our cheeze lovers. We ensure that we never compromise on taste and quality!

To keep innovating and creating new varieties of cheeze all the time whilst keeping your palettes intrigued and coming back for more!

Whatever your lifestyle choice, we welcome you to try our cheeze and we would love to hear your feedback!


At Pure Vegan Love we know that plant based is NOT the future but the present! We make sure that all our offerings are 100%

  • Animal free
  • Animal derivative free
  • Preservative free
  • Soya free
  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Oil free
  • Artificial color free
  • Nasties free

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